The Team

F11 is very well organized group of experts and people devoted to graphic design and passion for photography.

  • Core team


    Maciek Jablonski

    F11 owner/founder

    Art director and photographer. The engine of F11.


    Iwona El Tanbouli

    F11 co-founder

    Photographer and graphic designer. Authority in magazine's layout designing.


    Leszek Marcinkowski

    print/production manager

    Willing to help, consult, manage and actively assist in the whole print/production process.

  • Core team


    Marcin Kwiatkowski

    IT manager

    Technically oriented and optimized for well known standards.

  • Contributors


    In case of printouts, depends on work that need to be done, we cooperate with various contributors.

    List of companies contains:
    • offset printing house
      (for e.g. POZKAL - flexible in printing any volume from single to thousands; OFFDRUK - the offset printing house with deadlines compared to its digital equivalents)
    • digital printing house
      (for small or non-standard orders)
    • serigraphy printing house
      (for printing on different base than paper, like textile for e.g.)
    • large format digital printing house
      (for outdoors - assembly included)
    • visual advertising and non-printed issues
      (for everything else that exists on non-paper base)